Company History

Genex International was founded in 1992 in Richmond, USA. It started to develop and expand internationally before penetrating the Greek market in 1999 by establishing a subsidiary company.

The company originally aimed at producing and implementing solutions in IVR, VOICE MAIL & CALL CENTER systems. The use of state-of-the-art software technology and the profound know-how of the company's manpower helped the company provide pioneering solutions in the fields of Telephone Call Recording Systems and Call Centers.

Apart from the field of CTI systems, the company focuses in the field of software applications intended for the needs of Stockmarket Companies, Order receiving and Transmitting Companies, Investment Services Companies as well as Investment Banks.

Throughout the short but highly effective period of the company's presence in the Greek market, the quality of products, the use of pioneering technology as well as the comprehensive knowledge of Stock Exchange matters made large Stockmarket companies loyal clients of Genex International. In the international market the Company has regular clients, while great Banking organisations as well as famous airlines make exclusive use of the products offered.

The use of Oracle as the main platform for the Company's applications is based on the philosophy and policy of Genex International for products based on the most advanced technologies, reliability, functionality and complete satisfaction of its clients.

The international experience and know-how of its executives in the fields of Development and Financing has helped the Company cover the current needs of the Stock Exchange Market and, what is more, has enabled it to provide solutions to the future needs of a constantly and fast developing market by following new trends.

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